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Boyd Evison Graduate Research Fellowship

The Evison Fellowship was established in memory of Boyd Evison after his death in October 2002, and created to honor Boyd’s extensive and dedicated service to both the National Park Service (NPS) and Grand Teton Association. Evison retired in 1994 from an exemplary 42-year career with the NPS and soon after began a second career as executive director for Grand Teton Association.

Boyd’s vision was to establish baseline information on the biodiversity and natural conditions of the Greater Yellowstone Region. This information would ultimately serve as a reference point for all future research in the area and would help shape wise management decisions.

The goal of the fellowship is to encourage scientific and conservation-related research in national parks. It invites highly motivated graduate students to conduct research within Grand Teton and the Greater Yellowstone Area, and it supports study leading to a master’s or Ph.D. degree in the biosciences, geosciences or social sciences.

The inspiring projects funded so far have been varied. From Bison DNA testing and butterfly studies, to soundscapes in Grand Teton and thermal soils in Yellowstone, the students awarded the grant have provided useful research to resource managers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem and gone on to impressive scientific careers. 

Federal Tax ID number: 83-0185073

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