The official non-profit partner

Grand Teton Association

of Grand Teton National Park

Snow Desk

In 2011 and 2012, Grand Teton Association, helped the park reached beyond the local area through live programs broadcast to classrooms across the country live from the “Snow Desk”. This outdoor program is in the format of a news program broadcast from a desk constructed out of snow. Rangers interactively taught students about winter ecology and how wildlife adapts to living in the harsh winter climate of Jackson Hole.

Over 644 students across America were able to learn about and connect with Grand Teton National Park during the winter. Classes from across the state in Wyoming and then as far away as Pennsylvania, Illinois, Florida, Texas and California participated.

In 2012, the park received the NPS Beacon Award for Innovation in Technology for the Snow Desk

For more information about Snow Desk, or to participate, click here