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Grand Teton Association

of Grand Teton National Park

NPS Academy

A program launched in March of 2011, The NPS Academy is designed to introduce diverse undergraduate and graduate students from across the country to career opportunities with the National Park Service. The major goals of the Academy are to:

  • Provide diverse students with classroom and experiential opportunities which expose them to career paths within the National Park Service
  • Provide “on-the-job” training to participants through summer internships at national parks
  • Provide NPS mentor relationships to deepen students’ knowledge of and connection to the National Park Service
  • Provide ambassador roles for students at their college, university or community to share their experience at the Academy and promote National Park Service and SCA opportunities with peers and faculty

The academy accomplishes these goals through a four-phased approach which includes: a week-long orientation, summer-long internship, semester-long ambassadorship and focused attention on alumni tracking and future placements.