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The Grand Teton Association offers a fellowship of up to $10,000/project for graduate studies focused on documenting aspects of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, including Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, the John D. Rockefeller, Jr., Memorial Parkway, and surrounding lands. Emphasis areas are lesser-known ecosystem elements such as air and water; geologic or other processes; plants, insects, reptiles, amphibians, fungi; natural soundscapes; and social science related to public understanding of natural resources use or management. 

Graduate students pursuing a Master’s or Doctoral degree are invited to submit proposals to be judged on the following:
• The value of information to be gained by the scientific community and by land or resource managers
• The clarity of problem definition and uniqueness of the proposed approach
• Technical soundness of the proposed study
• Qualifications of the student and their major advisor/institution, and
• Completeness of proposal, which must present a budget clearly indicating the percent of support provided by this fellowship compared to other sources of support.

We encourage proposals that cover a major portion of studies which are new or only recently began but are not fully funded. Projects may extend over several seasons, and must comply with appropriate agency regulations and permits (separately administered from this fellowship.) Seasonal summer housing may be available at the UWNPS Research Center in Grand Teton NP--if desired, project budgets should include housing costs at $25/night and housing should be requested separately ( Students are expected to provide a summary report or publication and one or more educational products to facilitate information transfer beyond the scientific audience, such as a presentation to site managers, the public, or non-technical article.

Fellowship Program Schedule:

December 9, 2016  Call for 2017 Boyd Evison Fellowship proposals
February 10, 2017  Fellowship applications must be postmarked
April 10, 2017  Fellowship awarded
Summer 2017   Research begins
December 30, 2018 Completion of project (degree may be conferred later)

The fellowship is supported by private donations and honors Boyd Evison, one of the National Park Service’s greatest leaders and supporters of expanding scientific knowledge to help shape wise management decisions and maintain uncompromised native resources. After his exemplary NPS career, Mr. Evison directed the Grand Teton Association prior to his death in 2002. Information on previous fellowship awardees can be found at   
The Boyd Evison Graduate Fellowship

GTA launched the Evison Fellowship to encourage scientific and conservation-related research in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, providing up to $10,000 in support for a graduate study leading to completion of a master’s or Ph.D. degree in the biosciences, geosciences, or social sciences. Previous award winners and their projects include:

Year       Awardee & Institution   Research topic

2005       Florence Gardipee, Univ. of Montana-  Feasibility of non-invasive fecal sampling for genetic and parasite studies in Yellowstone bison

2006       Ericka Pilcher, Colorado State Univ.-  Understanding and managing soundscapes in the national parks: Grand Teton National Park

2007       Lyman Persico, Univ. of New Mexico-  Long-term variability of beaver effects on streams in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks

2008       Emilene Ostlund, Univ. of Wyoming-  Pronghorn Passage

2009       Nicholas Dowie, Univ. of Wyoming-  Exploring an obligate tripartite symbiosis between the endangered plant Pterospora andromeda, conifer trees, and a truffle-like fungus

2010       James Meadow, Montana State Univ.-  Novel diatomaceous biological soil crust assemblage in Yellowstone National Park

2011       Stefan Ekernas, Univ. of Montana-  Climate change and food webs: Jackrabbits and migratory pronghorn

2012       Darren Larsen, Univ. of Colorado-  Glaciers and climate in the alpine zone: a continuous multi-proxy record of Holocene glacier activity and environmental change

2013       Susma Giri, Univ. of Wyoming-  Study of Bumblebees in Grand Teton National Park

2014       Kellen N. Nelson, Univ. of Wyoming-  Evaluating the effects of projected climate change on forest fuel moisture content

2015       Lauren Abbott, Penn State University-  Soundscape protection in national parks 

2016        Danielle Fagre, University of Montana- The importance of contemporary bison grazing for sustaining grassland avifauna. 

   Application Form


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Email Address:    ______________________________________


Existing Degrees Conferred, Institutions and Year: 


Degrees in Progress, Institution, and Academic Advisor(s):

Vitae/Principal Accomplishments, including publications and fields of research interest:

Title and Description of Proposed Project:  (1-2 pages; include background, objectives, proposed study area/map if appropriate, methods, and relevant literature summary)

Relevance to Objectives of the Boyd Evison Fellowship and to resource conservation in Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks, or nearby lands in the ecosystem:

Proposed Timeline for Project:

Anticipated Product(s):  (e.g., thesis, publication(s), report to park)

Proposed Project Budget:  Include a table showing project personnel, equipment, travel, laboratory analysis, housing, and other important costs.  Clearly indicate what amounts of funding this fellowship would provide along with other existing or potential funding, including salaries, student stipends, etc.

Project support:  Address any special assistance you request (e.g., permission for access into non-roaded areas, use of motorized equipment in wilderness areas). Please indicate that you have contacted the proposed study park(s) or other jurisdictions, and that agency or landowner supports the research as proposed. DO NOT send letters of general support for the research from other academic references.

Applications must be postmarked by February 10, 2017.
Send to: Boyd Evison Graduate Fellowship, Grand Teton Association,
P.O. Box 170, Moose, Wyoming  83012; email:

For more information, contact the Grand Teton Association 307-739-3606 or Sue Consolo-Murphy, Grand Teton National Park Chief of Science& Resource Management, at 307-739-3481
Information about previous fellowship awardees and project titles can be found at