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Grand Teton Association

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Grand Teton Association 80th Anniversary

October 17, 2017

Grand Teton Association 80th Anniversary

Celebrating 80 years of service.

Our founding mission supports public understanding, appreciation and enjoyment of public lands. The Grand Teton Association funds interpretive, educational and research programs within Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest and the National Elk Refuge.

In December of 1936, the Grand Teton Superintendent met with a group of Jackson Hole businessmen to discuss ways and means of forming an association of interested individuals to provide written educational materials to the visitors of Grand Teton National Park.  At that meeting, Bruce Porter, the local druggist, donated $50.00 to begin the purchase of publications. The board selected an advisory committee consisting of, among others, Dr. Fritiof Fryxell,  S.N. Leek, Harrison R. Crandall, and Olaus J. Murie. In 1956, Jackson Hole Museum and Historical Association's changed its name to the Grand Teton Natural History Association. In 2007, it became known as the Grand Teton Asociation.

Since 1937 our volunteer board of directors, the staff and the National Park Service have been involved in a broad range of activities including operating interpretive sales areas in visitor centers throughout Grand Teton National Park and other federal agencies.

Our sincere thanks to you. We would not have existed this long without your generous support.