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Book Signing-Tory Taylor

January 24, 2018

Book Signing-Tory Taylor

On the Trail of the Mountain Shoshone Sheep Eaters

by Tory Taylor

On the Trail of the Mountain Shoshone Sheep Eaters have stories of the prehistoric Sheep Eater Indians and the Paleo diet of native foods they hunted and gathered in the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem. This a book about the Mountain Shoshone who lived in the Wind River and Absaroka ranges prior to European contact. It makes use of ethnographic data, observations by early explorers and mountain men, archaeological data, and Taylor’s own experience in locating archaeological sites and experimenting with the technology and diet of these Native Americans. Taylor explains the Mountain Shoshone's respect for and knowledge of the land, its native flora and fauna. He has a keen understanding of Greater Yellowstone ecosystem history as someone who knows the area personally, as a hunting guide and outfitter, and who has assisted in its archaeological investigation. Learning about the Mountain Shoshone Sheep Eater Indians through Taylor’s eyes produces a fascinating book enjoyed by anyone interested in the natural history and human history of the Greater Yellowstone ecosystem.

Meet acclaimed author Tory Taylor

June 30th and September 5th 

10:00AM - 2:00PM

Grand Teton National Park, Colter Bay Visitor Center