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I was fortunate to connect with Grand Teton Association, first as a volunteer and now as an employee.  Not only do I get to work in my favorite national park, I am part of GTA – an organization that enhances park programs and experiences.  




The Tetons and the surrounding public lands hold a special place in my heart. My dad was a park service employee, so I spent much of my childhood living in Grand Teton National Park. I moved away from this extraordinary place when I was older, but the Tetons have always been the place I call home. Over the years I have held many titles: I was a Potato Harvester in Idaho, a Missionary in New York, Yīngyǔ jiàoshī (an English Teacher) in China, and most recently the Sales Manager for the Grand Teton Association in Grand Teton National Park. 


Inventory Manager




I grew up in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Skiing and the outdoors, specifically the mountains, were a big part of my life. The Rocky Mountains of my earlier years in Banff National Park are so similar to the Tetons of my life today. I moved to Jackson in 1986 with a goal of skiing at the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the Bridger Teton National Forest.

I love all aspects of Grand Teton National Park, Bridger Teton National Forest, and the National Elk Refuge. I spent 20 years enjoying the Bridger Teton National Forest on skis and on horseback with my daughters. In recent years, I have been enjoying Grand Teton National Park both on my daily drive to work and on weekends boating on Jackson Lake. The scenery is second to none.

A variety of events brought me to the Grand Teton Association, but a new challenge for my career drew me to my position here at GTA. I have worked with other non-profits but GTA is so much more diverse than most. The three different partnering agencies combined with a variety of funding sources keep my job both interesting and challenging. In addition to all of the above, I have a great view and an opportunity work with some amazing people.


bridget bottomley, Events and Outreach Coordinator




I grew up on the Pacific coast of Mexico. I was the youngest of four close-knit generations sharing our family’s modest home overlooking the ocean at Zihuatanejo. Years later, I got married in Jackson Hole and took my wedding photos with the Tetons and majestic bison as a stunning backdrop. Even at that time, I would have never imagined that just two years later, my husband and I would have the opportunity to come to Jackson Hole to live and work in Grand Teton National Park.

I really enjoy working for the benefit of our park, the National Elk Refuge, our partners, and many important conservation initiatives. Our stores are full of beautiful items, and it inspires me that so many of these help educate the visiting public about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. I really enjoy interacting with our visitors who come from all corners of the world. As I serve them, their comments always remind me of what a blessing it is to live and work in this natural paradise!

For me, all of life is art, and I thrive on the artistic expression I find in creating appealing displays for our store here at the Jackson Hole & Greater Yellowstone Visitor Center. I try to make these indoor displays resonate with the special beauty of the Jackson Hole and Greater Yellowstone area!


Jacob Gampe, IT and Inventory Specialist

Who knew that little Jakub, born in Europe, would now reside in Wyoming. I grew up sneaking away to the forest preserves of Chicago, IL (yes, they exist there) to mountain bike, fish, camp, and dance. It wasn't until I moved to the Wild West that I realized I had a greater calling than making shareholders a profit. I realized that I can use my skills for something more in-line with my personal beliefs. After a year in Los Angeles, I accepted an IT Specialist position with Grand Teton National Park. I felt at home but my employment with the NPS was temporary and I realized I might not be able to prolong my stay. That was when I joined a great group of folks who are passionate about conservation and education of the mountains, rivers, forests, and wildlife. GO GTA!


sarah adams, store supervisor


Being born and raised in beautiful sunny Southern California, I was never exposed to a National Park until my 20’s. I always lived an active lifestyle playing soccer and hiking on local trails, but when my now husband introduced me to gorgeous Yosemite National Park, I was hooked. It was a place where I found peace and solitude; an escape from the millions of people and the stress of the jammed freeways of California. From that point on, we would make regular visits to Yosemite; my favorite being when my husband proposed to me by Mirror Lake with a snowy Half Dome as the backdrop. Soon after that, my husband accepted a position with the National Park Service at Grand Teton National Park. Never having traveled east of Arizona, I was skeptical about whether I would enjoy living in Wyoming. Even my coworkers at the dental office I worked for were concerned about this Cali girl moving to the Wild West. Despite everyone’s concern, my husband and I made the leap. I remember the first time I laid eyes on the Tetons I fell in love, and that same day I saw my first grizzly bear. After spending one day here, I was in such awe of the wildness and beauty that was before me. My love affair soon led me to working for Grand Teton Association and I could not be happier. I work for an organization that helps preserve a place that holds such a special place in my heart. 


Lori Dreger administrative assistaNT