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GTA Executive Director Profile

Grand Teton Association (“GTA”) is seeking a dynamic, energetic leader to be its new Executive Director (“ED”).  GTA is a cooperating association, a non-profit organization that supports three premier public land management units in the southern Greater Yellowstone eco-system: Grand Teton National Park (“GTNP”), the National Elk Refuge, and Bridger-Teton National Forest.  It is an educational organization that provides interpretive, educational, and research services to enhance visitors’ experience and appreciation of these special public lands.  GTA is recognized as one of the pre-eminent cooperating associations in the National Park System, both in terms of the quality of its innovative programs and the quantity of visitors served.  In 2016, GTA and GTNP welcomed over 4.8 million visitors and generated roughly $4.0 million in sales through 20 visitor centers and retail locations.

Interested candidates should submit a resume and a statement of qualifications to

Key Executive Director Responsibilities:
The Executive Director will be responsible for overseeing strategy development and execution as well as the overall management and success of GTA’s educational and interpretive programs and products.   We expect the new ED to effectively and efficiently manage GTA’s staff organization and its multiple retail locations to maximize financial contributions to our three public land agency partners.  The new ED should build upon GTA’s already strong reputation as a leading cooperating association, while identifying new and innovative ways to further enhance visitors’ experience and appreciation of our partner agencies.  The ED’s key responsibilities will be:

· Strategy Development and Execution
· Leadership Team Development and Management
· Agency Partner Relationship Management
· Financial and Operational Management
· GTA External Positioning and Communications
· Board of Directors Support.

Please see Attachment A for further details.

Ideal Candidate Capabilities:
Successful candidates will have the following strengths and experiences:

· Leadership of a complex, multi-site retail and/or education-based organization
· Disciplined financial and operations management
· Broad experience in non-profit management, ideally in a cooperating association, public lands, or federal partnership institution
· Passion for promoting educational and interpretive innovation
· Excellent communication and relationship building skills with varied constituents (e.g., staff, public officials, Board members, other Park and community partners, national organizations engaged in youth and leadership development)
· Direct experience working with non-profit Board of Directors.

Attachment A: Key Executive Director Responsibilities

· Strategy Development and Execution
o Develop a long term strategic plan to position GTA as the premier cooperating association in the National Park System
▪ Working with our partner agencies, identify key programs and initiatives to help achieve their top 3-5 year goals
▪ Identify 3–5 new mission-driven initiatives that will further enhance visitors’ experience and appreciation of our public land partners
▪ Create a 3-5 year financial plan that maximizes GTA’s financial contributions to our agency partners through a strategic mix of in-kind vs. direct $ contributions
o Re-align GTA organization, staff resources, and key priorities with new strategic and financial plan

· Leadership Team Development and Management
o Manage overall staff, both permanent and seasonal, to achieve
GTA strategic goals, top priority mission-driven programs, and financial targets
o Implement annual performance reviews, development plans, and succession planning for all GTA leadership positions
o Present review/summary of organizational status and key issues to Board annually

· Agency Partner Relationship Management
o Manage overall GTA relationship with agency partners to help achieve their top priorities and maximize GTA’s $ contributions
o Receive and prioritize tactical requests for GTA support and funding
o Frequently update partners on GTA major activities, changes, and financials (e.g., actual vs. budget, reserves)
o Manage GTA operations, programs, and products within the parameters of agreements and agency policy

· Financial and Operational Management
o Develop and implement a funding strategy to build sufficient operating reserves for our partners and GTA within a 2 year period
o Oversee multiple facilities, physical assets, and inventory to optimize resource utilization, fulfillment of GTA mission, and financial contributions to agency partners
o Continually evaluate retail operations and administrative programs to identify revenue enhancement and expense savings opportunities
o Continually monitor key risks across the organization and proactively develop risk mitigation strategies
o Oversee partner funding requests to ensure compliance with approved use of funds

· GTA External Positioning and Communications
o As part of the strategic planning process, develop a 3 year plan to increase local community awareness and support (both volunteer and financial) of GTA and its mission
o Building upon GTA’s strong reputation within the Public Lands Alliance, identify 2-3 actions that could position GTA as the pre-eminent, innovation leader amongst its peers
o Develop a new social media and membership outreach program to attract and engage current and future individuals in GTA’s mission and accelerate member support through sales, volunteerism, and contributions

· Board of Directors Support
o Work with Board to achieve GTA’s long term strategic and financial goals
o Identify and cultivate new Board members aligned with GTA mission
o Assist Board Co-Chairs with planning board calendar and individual meetings; continue streamlining meetings and partner participation to focus on key strategic, organizational, and operational issues
o Update Board on priority operational and financial initiatives or issues.



Thank you for considering seasonal employment with Grand Teton Association! Grand Teton Association hires up to 40 summer seasonal staff members and 6 winter seasonal staff members each year.   The hiring for summer positions begins as early as January.  After we hear from our returning staff, we fill in the remaining positions with the most qualified applicant who can fulfill the dates that the position requires. The summer positions we hire for are sales associates, warehouse assistants, and administrative office help.  We have limited employee housing for up to 6 people along with RV sites at the Gros Ventre and Colter Bay campgrounds.  please review the job descriptions below and then fill out an application which you can download here. Click here to download our application (pdf)

Please mail or email your application and a resume to Marjie Pettus at:

Grand Teton Association
PO Box 170
Moose, WY 83012

Job Descriptions:

Sales Associate

Grand Teton Association is seeking summer sales associates to work in its visitor center retail stores located in Grand Teton National Park.  The position is a retail sales position with duties consisting of cash register transactions, stocking/pricing merchandise and customer service.
Competitive wage – pay range is $12.50 to $13.75 per hour plus $0.40 per hour end of season bonus

Park pass – All GTA employees are provided with a Grand Teton/Yellowstone park pass valid through December 2017

Varied schedules – Work hours vary between 7:45 am and 7:15 pm; week day and weekend shifts available

Free membership – A one year membership for Grand Teton Association is given to each employee

Discount – Employees receive a 40% on all GTA store merchandise

Beautiful surroundings – Visitor centers are located in Moose, Colter Bay and Jenny Lake

Interaction – Meet and interact with visitors from all over the world

Seasonal Warehouse Assistant

Seasonal housing may be available w/affordable rent and possible shared bedroom. 

Work location is at GTA warehouse in Moose at GTNP Headquarters.  There are two assistants to the Warehouse Supervisor.  The positions are 40 hours a week.

The assistant makes deliveries to all of our locations throughout Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, receives inventory, loads and unloads delivery vans, does bank deposits, pulling for remote locations, and anything else that comes up in the warehouse. The assistant is on the go constantly and delivering large quantities of inventory daily and needs to be flexible with their daily schedule, while staying organized. This is a very physical, fast paced job.


Must be able to multi task and be flexible in daily duties

Required to be able to lift at least 50-60 pounds throughout the day

Must have computer knowledge

Should be able to maintain a good attitude with other co-workers and while at work

Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and stay organized.

Required to have a valid driver’s license

Pay is $12.00 per hour + Bonus for completing work agreement.