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Grand Teton Association

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Thank you for considering seasonal employment with Grand Teton Association! Grand Teton Association hires up to 40 summer seasonal staff members and 6 winter seasonal staff members each year.   The hiring for summer positions begins as early as January.  After we hear from our returning staff, we fill in the remaining positions with the most qualified applicant who can fulfill the dates that the position requires. The summer positions we hire for are sales associates, warehouse assistants, and administrative office help.  We have limited employee housing for up to 6 people along with RV sites at the Gros Ventre and Colter Bay campgrounds.  please review the job descriptions below and then fill out an application which you can download here. Click here to download our application (pdf)

Please mail or email your application and a resume to Erin O'brien at:


Grand Teton Association
PO Box 170
Moose, WY 83012

Job Descriptions:

Seasonal Sales Clerk-

There are positions available in Grand Teton National Park and in Jackson, Wyoming. Positions start anywhere from late April to the end of May and go through September and into October. 

The positions consist of ringing up sales, assisting visitors with information, checking in inventory from the warehouse, pricing it, and putting it away. You will also need to stock and clean the sales floor and be flexible with your schedule; you will most likely work weekends.

Must actively enjoy working with the public and have a pleasant disposition in a retail environment

Working knowledge of computers

Be able to lift 30-50 lbs. and be able to do physical work

Be able to work 8 hour shifts and be on your feet in a fast paced environment

Retail experience is preferred and special consideration given to applicants with excellent selling skill.


Seasonal Warehouse Assistant-

Seasonal housing may be available w/affordable rent and possible shared bedroom. 

Work location is at GTA warehouse in Moose at GTNP Headquarters.  There are two assistants to the Warehouse Supervisor.  The positions are 40 hours a week.

The assistant makes deliveries to all of our locations throughout Grand Teton National Park and Jackson Hole, receives inventory, loads and unloads delivery vans, does bank deposits, pulling for remote locations, and anything else that comes up in the warehouse. The assistant is on the go constantly and delivering large quantities of inventory daily and needs to be flexible with their daily schedule, while staying organized. This is a very physical, fast paced job.


Must be able to multi task and be flexible in daily duties

Required to be able to lift at least 50-60 pounds throughout the day

Must have computer knowledge

Should be able to maintain a good attitude with other co-workers and while at work

Must be able to work in a fast paced environment and stay organized.

Required to have a valid driver’s license

Pay is $12.00 per hour + Bonus for completing work agreement.